How To Find The Right Lawyer in Washington, DC

At this point, you are facing the idea that your marriage may be over, and now need a divorce lawyer to talk to and, maybe, become the lawyer who represents you during the proceedings to assure the most fair outcome for you. But how do you know which Washington DC divorce lawyer is the right lawyer for you?
washington dc divorce lawyer

In order to determine which lawyer would best fit your needs, you first should determine what it is you need from your lawyer. What function will your lawyer play in all of this? Your lawyer should not just be there to fill out the overwhelming amount of legal paperwork and tell you what time to show up to the proceedings. And you lawyer certainly should not play the role of the “yes man” (or woman), simply asking what your aiming for and going through the motions to accomplish that. No, your lawyer needs to take the lead, and has to be creative about how he or she gets things done.

Of course, you will start by communicating to your lawyer the things you believe you have rightful ownership to through the marriage. The lawyer will use his or her accumulated knowledge from years of experience in the field and a rigorous education to inform you about what you can expect to possess after the marriage, and those things you need to consider that you may not be able to win during the proceedings. Your Washington DC divorce lawyer needs to be creative in order to find ways to come up with mutually beneficial deals for both parties, and to apply his or her intricate knowledge of the law to fight for the possessions or child custody that you rightfully deserve. To achieve this, your lawyer needs to have both great analytical skills and an acute attention to detail.

Then there is that skill that is necessary to put all of those previously stated traits to good measure: without excellent public speaking skills and a keen understanding of the art of persuasion, all of the intelligence, perseverance and knowledge of the law won’t win you everything that is rightfully yours at the end of a marriage. Your lawyer should be well versed in public speaking, possessing and aura of unassuming confidence and an understanding of human nature that works to overcome the initially hostile barriers that so often burden divorce proceedings.

Now the question becomes, how do you find a lawyer that possesses each of these qualities? The most effective way to weed out those who almost certainly do not possess these qualities, begin by using online searches to determine your selection of lawyers’ years of experience and the details of their educational background. Remove those lawyers with little experience and an educational background that isn’t quite so rigorous. Of course, the most excellent lawyer in the world may have a modest education and few years of experience, however, it is certainly less likely that this is the case – likelihood is all we really have to work with since we don’t have all the time in the world and unlimited resources to truly discern which lawyer would best represent you. Once you have a list of a few people, begin calling or otherwise contacting them, and as you speak to each one (in person is ideal, but often impractical) you can use your best judgement to decide which of these lawyers is truly right for you.

You can begin by looking at our credentials, and, if you are impressed (we are confident that you will be) contact us for a case evaluation.