Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation encompasses deciding what kind of legal guardianship each parent is awarded, and when or how often they are permitted to spend time with their children. The process behind child custody litigation can be strenuous, particularly if the parents cannot maintain an amicable communication. In the event parents are unable to work out a visitation schedule together, a judge … Read More

Managing Wealth After a Divorce

Divorces, in general, are financially devastating for both parties, but rebuilding your finances after your divorce is a very possible thing to do. You will now be dependent on only your income, so learning how you can manage your money with one less person to support will be hard, but beneficial in the long run. You will only have to pay for your bills, food, and living expenses unless you are … Read More

What to Know About Child Custody & Visitation

Even under the best of circumstances, filing for divorce may have an impact on your children; as their lives and routine can change. If you and your spouse are unable to choose who has sole custody, then a judge will decide the fate for them. Due to the turbulent nature of child custody delegations, it is recommended you hire a family law attorney to represent you. We can help make the process … Read More

Mediation is One Size That Fits All

Derr & Villarreal Attorneys and Mediators has decades of experience in helping people work through divorce conflicts addressing property division, tax issues, spousal support payments, child support payments, and the critical determination of how parents are going to share and co-parent their children together. Yet, there are many other areas where mediation can help people who find themselves … Read More

What Prevents Someone From Divorcing an Abusive Partner?

Almost 60% of women in the United States have experienced abuse. Nearly 33% of women have been victims of domestic abuse. Countless statistics and studies illustrate the severity of these relationships. So, if that’s the case, why do victims choose to stay in the relationship? There is no single contributing factor to answer this cliche question. Here are a few reasons given by victims or … Read More

Can An Unmarried Partner Sue for Wrongful Death?

Many couples forgo marriage for a variety of reasons from the financial to the arcane. By choosing not to marry, however, are couples also losing out on the right to sue for the wrongful death of their partner? As with many questions in law, the answer is not clear cut, as wrongful death lawyer Delray FL couples turn to can attest. To be sure, the right to bring a lawsuit is fairly low on the list … Read More


If you’re married you can get divorced, simple as that. You can get divorced even if you never officially got married and meet the criteria for common law marriage-come back for future blogs to read more on common law marriage. However, when filing an actual petition for divorce in Texas courts you must have grounds for divorce. In this blog we will outline what the different types of grounds are … Read More

When a Beneficiary Must Endure Probate

The probate process is sometimes a requirement following the death of a loved one. Some have the misconception that probate is a timely and expensive process, fortunately, in most situations, probate can be completed efficiently. There are a number of benefits to the probate process which can be helpful when a loved one passes away. Probate ensures that a will is valid. In order for this … Read More

Important Components to Child Custody Cases

It can be tough to come to terms with the decision to divorce your spouse. Throughout the process, there are so many obstacles that will need to be tackled, all while going through a stressful divorce process. You may experience so many emotions when divorcing someone that you care about. It may be hard to come to terms with the fact that you are ending a relationship with someone you have made … Read More

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption awareness is a focus of many family focused organizations during the month of November. The children in need of adoption are often placed in foster homes after being removed from their parents by children’s services departments. Becoming a foster parent is a great first step towards adoption. When you apply and qualify as a foster parent you may have a child placed with for a temporary or … Read More